The Maiora Kriya Abadi collection includes a wide range of traditional Furniture designs like a Windsor chair and much more. We have also recently broadened our collection with the addition of contemporary designs.

Our furniture is renowned for the distinctive and magnificent depth of finish. We are constantly working to improve our designs and some of the furniture displayed here may be subject to a current design change. We hope you enjoy browsing through our website to find the ideal piece of furniture for your needs.

Not all of our current range is shown so please contact us to discuss your requirements. Maiora Kriya Abadi has continually incorporated new technologies into the manufacturing of our furniture and we are proud to combine modern production techniques with traditional craftsmanship.

We consider this an ongoing learning process.

Whilst we have incorporated modern manufacturing techniques throughout our history, we continue to employ traditional skills, in the making of your furniture.
Our craftsmen combine modern production technology with traditional skills to accentuate the fine figuring and warmth of colour in the magnificent timber used.

Fine detailing, such as skivering is carried out in the traditional manner, by hand. Skivers are carefully positioned and fixed into the recessed surface with embossed and gilded decorative borders added and then lacquered.

Combining different colours and dyes and using a dozen different processes,trained craftsman working by hand create Maiora Kriya Abadi’s renowned finish. The extra ‘body’ and depth of colour is acquired with the application of lacquer and hand finishing. The waxing and burnishing technique provide the perfect finish.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]