Unlike other furniture companies, we produce custom made special orders for clients all around the World.
It may be difficult for you to find that important piece to fit a specific space or match a favourite cherished piece.
Perhaps you have seen furniture in a magazine or at a friend’s house that impresses you but you don’t know where to find it?

If that’s your problem? Then the Maiora Team may be able to solve it for you!

mahogany Desk photo

Send us your requirements and
measurements (cm) including width, height and depth of the piece of furniture you would like made. Let us know of any requirements, finishing, colours, carvings etc.

We evaluate your requirements and
come back with a design and price

Price Agreed. 50% deposit paid and we provide the customer with an
AutoCad drawing for confirmation before we start manufacture.

Items are Manufactured in our factory warehouse in Indonesia.

Manufacture and delivery to your address takes from 10-14 weeks depending on the complexity of the item